An Introduction From A New Blogger: Dangermouse425

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Greetings BloodyDice readers!

Dangermouse here, Martok has asked me to contribute to the blog, so I thought I'd write a bit of an intro post.

I'm somewhat of a hobby butterfly. I think my never-ending list of projects might have been why Martok asked me to contribute to the blog.  Perhaps if I post my endless supply of bonkers ideas on the internet, I'll stop pestering him with them!

The armies I currently have in 40k are:

Black Templars
Blood Angels
Elysian Drop Troops (with Ultramarine Allies)

I dabble in a bit of X-Wing and Mordheim, but am predominantly a 40k player.

Over the next few posts I'll be introducing my armies, my plans for the future and some airbrush tutorials and showcases for some work I've done.

Looking forward to posting more!

All the best,


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