Warmahordes Legion of Everblight Strider Deathstalker Solo review

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Hello again gamers, it's that time of the week again where I look at another entry in the Warmachine and Hordes books, continuing with Legion of Everblight.

This week though I decided for something a bit different, so instead of a unit, I'm going to look at a solo, and one I use a lot, the Strider Deathstalker.

This is one of the best uses for 2 points in the game to me, in the right place at the right time it can be game changing, and is one of the best units in the game for dealing with support units (Choir of Menoth being a perfect example) and can drag a lot more than 2 points away from your opponents battle line to deal with.

It has a few things that allow it to excel at this. Advanced Deployment, DEF of 15, Stealth, SPD 7 and Pathfinder allow the Deathstalker to access the soft and valuable targets in an opposing force quickly, getting into position to start hurting them by turn 3, and often forces units to stay closer to the back or front of a formation than usual to gain some degree of protection from it.

At range it is a wonderful solo, RAT 8 and RNG 12 combine for a long strike distance that should always hit the mark, combined with Sniper and Snap Fire taking out 2 members of a Choir a turn becomes normal, and soon becomes an issue that has to be stopped.

Using Swift Hunter also allows the Deathstalker a degree of protection, allowing it to hide after it has made those crucial kills.

It also passes swift hunter on to Strider units within it's command range of 9 (something I have never remembered to do, even though I have used both extensively in the last few years) which can be very good for getting them int range and then out of harms way.

One thing that the Deathstalker does suffer from in multi-damage box models.  Against these models, it is not particularly useful unless it is to put the final point of damage on that model, otherwise it's like throwing rocks at a Stormwall, it's just never going to work. But overall, and against most forces you will come up against, it is a solo that you will not regret having in your force, and be one of the best 2 points you ever spent.

Thats it for another week guys, hope you all have a fantastic Christmas, get the goodies you want from Santa and go nuts with the dinner.  I  will be back in the new year to continue the series.


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