Mordheim Table - Building the board

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After our FLGSs last Mordheim campaign we decided the terrain need to be worked on. Rather than just patching up a few buildings we decided to jump in and make a full board. At this point we are working on a 4'x4' board and then build another so the two can be used together for any big games we plan.

For the bulk of the project we are using Hirst Arts moulds. I must admit I have slacked somewhat on this but some of the other guys have been militant at pumping out casts.

Above is a lot of cast blocks... These boxes represent a LOT of hardwork. Really impressed with the effort that has gone into this and in the new year I shall have to pick up with work on this to make up for my slacking!

The guys have made some good progress already so when we started yesterday the board was already up to this point. Of centre we have a channel in place so we can make a river/canal for the board and gives a nice natural LoS blocking element to the board.

When the board is finished we will be moving on to making some terrain. Another local to the FLGS has created some fantasy terrain which we have been looking at to get some ideas. I think our efforts will lilely use Hirst Arts block for the first level and then plasticard with balsa frames for the rest.

Part of having a river/canal on the board is making stairs etc to get up and down from that part of the board. These bits of detailing really bring the board to life.

Here is a shot of the board as it stands right now. Most of the cobble flooring is done and there is even a bridge completed!! We stopped here as we ran out of casts. We shall have to cast some more and then keep plugging away.

Hopefully, I shall have more to share in the next few weeks and I will be running a Showcase post when this is finished for certain.

- Martok

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  1. That is looking really nice. I have thought about going with Hirst Molds but I never thought I would have the patience to cast all those things. (I want to do a zone mortalis board...)

    Keep it up, It's gonna be great!

  2. Cheers Bill! It is a labour of love but will be worth it in the end I am sure.

    With regards to a Hirst arts Mortalis board I have seen some good efforts like the one below:

  3. Wow, that looks great! I may have to look into Hirst molds again. What kind of plaster do you use? I was thinking Hydrocal, but it may be too brittle? I don't think plaster of paris would hold up at all.

  4. Hi William,

    I've just started reblogging the Mordheim board progress, check out the recent blog posts.

    In answer to your question, we use Crystacal R dental plaster.

    Hope that helps!



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