Hobby - Minotaurs get Bronzed

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Work on the Minotaur army painting continues. I have now finished most of the airbrush stages. Bronze coat through to Silver/Gold zenithal highlights have been applied and now I am working on getting the idiosyncratic Bronze back by applying a number of washes.

Above is where the Minotaur army painting was at on Tuesday night. All the Bronze/Gold/Silver stages have been finished up. They were so BRIGHT at this stage. Therefore, I started to throw some Agrax Earthshade wash at them.

Now we get to the washed pics. This single wash applied over a varnish adds so much depth to the colour. These pics do not show off the zenithal highlighting that well but these contrasts will be pushed anyway when it comes to oil washes and highlights.


Just realised the Minotaurs symbol on this guys chest plate has fallen off..... that will be a messy fix now he has paint on! 

Unfortunately, I ran out of  wash before I could get the Tactical marines done. Off to the hobby shop I go!!


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