Hobby - A Golden Distraction

by - 11:00

While working on the Minotaurs I put a base coat down on a friends Sanguinary Guard. These were 2 light shades of Gold with a bit of Silver mixed for the zenithal highlight. The models were then varnished and given a Agrax Earthshade wash.

Now back to those Minotaurs!


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  1. Looking good, Martok. Can't wait to get some more paint on the Sang Guard. Thanks for doing these!

  2. More than welcome buddy. Although, they are firmly at the back of the queue behind the Minotaurs for now :D

  3. The only stuff that needs to be done is brushwork now, and that's my job! I might re-do the power weapons too, but we'll see.

  4. I reckon if you can oil wash the low points on the blades. Glaze blue then re apply the highlights thinner they will be really nice.


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