Hobby - Minotaurs get an undercoat

by - 14:00

Although I was hoping to get paint started yesterday I underestimated the amount of fiddly finishing touches that were still needed. I also totally forgot I needed a Librarian.. luckily I had the parts on hand to build the guy above. However, I am now at the point to start painting the infantry although I shall have to do the weapons later when I have finished up the hammers that can be seen below.

 First thing this morning I managed to finish up most of the work. I could then set them all up pinned into some foam etc to make them easier toe airbrush.

Finally the epic painting has started. Albeit just the undercoat but there always has to be a first step. After over a year of these guys sitting in boxes they are looking like they could become an army!!


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  1. Looks like you are making good progress! Keep up the great work!

    The librarian is coming along nicely; that Dark Vengeance model makes a great starting point. Also, those terminators have some impressively large hammers!

  2. Thanks Adam. The hammers are as big as I feared haha!

    I have found a use for every model in Dark Vengeance now for a conversion or two. Such a great kit.


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