Hobby - Operation get the Minotaurs ready for paint is a go!

by - 12:00

I have booked the next week off of work so I can have a geek holiday. I have rearranged the office to make it easier to mess with multiple tasks at the same time and with this I am hoping to make some really significant progress on my Minotaur army.

I already have the last guy on the work bench to build.. Asterion the man himself. I also need to finish off a few things for the terminators and of course a librarian... almost there though and then I can start the paint process.

I still need to cast a few more of my hammers so while I am mixing resin for that I shall crack on with getting some bases cast up for the force.

I should be able to give some up to date posts showing progress over the week so stay tuned!


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