Tutorial - Painting and Weathering Urban Bases

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Today we present a tutorial from my friend Joel over at PaintMyBits. He shall be showing us the steps that he takes to paint and weather his bases. Please keep in mind that these tutorials are intended to be easy access for all painters and they are not pro tips, so have a go!. Over to him:

Take your primed base and coat in stormvermin fur.

ecause I'm cash money I cover with devlan mud and once that's dry, dry brush with fortress grey.

Anything that is rusty base coat with a dark brown. I also did the bricks with a terracotta brown and the elderly head yellow. Once dry I washed them in devlan mud.

First we will concentrate on the rust. This is what you will need

Use a pippete to transfer the pigment fixer to your pallette and add dark rust to it. Then paint it onto all rust areas.

Do the same with standard rust but the mix will be a touch thicker and dab randomly on the barbed wire. Repeat with the light rust also.

Once dry take your industrial city dirt and a large dry or make up brush and dust the entire base evenly.

Next we do the opposite to what we do with models and put a lighter dirt into recessed areas rather than darker colours in recess'

Get pigment fixer on your brush and touch the entire base with a dabbing action as not to disturb the pigment.

Neaten the edges and job done.

Joel will be providing further Tutorials here on the blog this year so keep an eye out for more hobby tips from PaintMyBits. If the above still looks like Voodoo then Joel takes on commissions so get in touch with him on his Facebook page if you have something you would love for him to paint.


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