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Last year myself and a number of friends from Promethean Games went to Bristol to join the Vanguard clubs annual Vanquish tournament. We had such an awesome time playing on their beautifully made tables that we were itching for them to announce Vanquish 2014. Finally, they have released the rules pack that can be seen here.

As already said, the terrain the Vanguard club provide to play on at Vanquish is jaw dropping. Just check out the Imperial City above, complete with epic gateway.

Even the smaller pieces of terrain are of the same standard as the center pieces.. hell the above would be a center piece of it's own on any average gaming table.

Here is another example of the terrain. This time a snow board of an equally high standard. There were about 50 tables each with a unique theme and all of a similar standard. My goal for this year is to get much better pictures of the event as, unfortunately, the above are all I have to show off the amazing tables.

It is worth noting that Vanquish uses a list composition system that some people have issues with.. I myself have grumbled at a few rules but in the end I feel that they are trying to level the field a little in terms of lists people bring to make it a blast for everyone involved and so I urge everyone to try the tournament out. If not for the competitive opportunities then simply to play on some terrain worthy of a pair of painted armies to fight it out.

Before I wrap this up I want to say a little about the team at Vanguard and the organisation/catering that they put on. They take your lunch order in the morning from your table and by lunch time it is waiting for you. This is such a boon for tournaments as I cannot remember the amount of times I have had to run out to a busy high street during lunch at a tournament and it makes the whole thing a little more hectic so this is a great service that they offer. In addition to the catering there are retailers on hand with the latest releases (last year they had Tau on the weekend of release that I think went down VERY well). Of course, finally a word regarding the actual tournament organisation which for its size is surprisingly well handled with sign up Saturday morning done and dusted with loads of time before first game and every rules decision I heard about being made quickly and for the most part accurately.

What more could you want? Sign up here and hopefully we will meet across one of these beautiful boards!

All I need to do now is build and paint 1750pts of Minotaurs in just under 3 months...


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