Warmahordes - Legion of Everblight Shepherd Unit Review

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Another week and another article (this is turning into a habit) covering another member of the Legion of Everblight.  This week I'm looking at my favourite 1 point solo, no list seems right without, the Blighted Nyss Shepherd.

This solo is in almost every list I work out, and one that has come in very handy a good few times.
It's a very simple solo, and on first glance very easy to overlook, but a better read of it's rules soon lets you see how useful it is.

First lets look at Beast manipulation.

This ability lets you do 2 things, control fury and heal your beasts, both of which are fantastic abilities and allow you to run a very beast heavy list.

They both have a limited range of 3, but with SPD 6 keeping up with the beast shouldn't be a problem, and only 1 can be used a turn, but for 1 point either of these would be a great asset.

The other ability they have (and the one I use the most as I don't run beast heavy lists) is Beast Master, this allows you to force any beasts that are in the command range of 8 to be forced as if they were in the Warlocks control area.  This has been a great tool for getting the Angelus into position, and allowed it some crazy charge arcs, plus a few sneaky caster kills (just ask Martok(Martok - Reznik still cries sometimes)) and all for 1 point.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that this solo will die at the drop of a hat, it has a DEF of 14, but low ARM and 1 damage box, so you need to be careful with the positioning to keep it out of harms way, even collateral damage from a smash is going to finish it off without any problems at all, but don't let that put you off, this a solo well worth having in any Legion list.

Well that's it for another week, only a few more weeks and all the units and solo's for Legion of Everblight will be finished.

Any suggestion for the next force to look at?


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