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WIP - Batch Painting Horus Heresy Blood Angels

I am trying to get this batch of Blood Angels done and dusted before starting to throw paint on the Minotaurs. I have all the airbrush stages done now with a satin varnish on to protect it. Next up I shall block out the non red areas then base coats for metallics etc and finally start the oil washes.

There are 6 Legion Outriders which still need some magnet work to get the guns on but that can be done at the end.

A full shot of everything being batched. There are, bikes, assault marine, tactical marines and the actual bike riders.

Ignore the shine as this is just the varnish. The actual colouring has a much greater contrast then can be seen in these pics, however oil washes will be used to deepen the shading.

My crazy Assault Marines. When fully based these guys will be pulling all kinds of action poses. The Sergeant himself diving in for a killing blow.

Hopefully I shall be able to paint these alongside the Minotaurs next week when I have some time off to get that project going. If it looks like I shall be pushed to complete the Minotaurs though I shall have to just push on with them and leave the Blood Angels for another time.


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