Legion of Everblight - Bethayne learning curve 2

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I'm back with a shorter piece today to give you guys a run down on the games I have been playing with Bethyne.

These games have been at 25 points, and this is the list I have been using:
Strider Deathstalker
Swordsmen (6) with Unit Attachment.

Game 2

This game was against a troll list, and it was a very tactical game, he played a Madrak list, with a Dire Troll, and Impaler, Axer, Fell Caller and a unit of Fell Blades (6) with unit attachment.

He played the list in a ball of death, moving up as a block and forcing me to charge it on mass, something that I failed to do.  I did learn a lot in this game about using the spells that Bethyne has, with her upkeep spells placed on useful units (Carnivore on a warbeast worked fantastically), and using Eruption of Spines to good effect (I still lost, but I learnt a lot about her spell list).

It was a great fun game, it was very close, and there were a few turns when it could have gone either way, but in the end, the trolls took the win, with a rematch set up for the following week.

Game 3 (the rematch)

This was another good game, the lists were the same (I did play with altering my list, but I decided to keep it the same to build up some familiarity) and the battle was set.

In this game my opponent played his list in a much more aggresive way, he moved the force up in a more dominating manner, and sat in a position that made me have to get the movement just right.
I got both heavy beasts into a deep wood, in range to charge next turn, and moved the swordsmen (with ashen vale cast on them) up to counter charge anything that moved up to engage the scythean.

My opponent made 1 mistake having a failed charge with his dire troll, and I was able to capitalise on this, the swordsmen charged, and killed the dire troll, the scythean charged and took out the impaler, and the angelus took out the fell caller.

After this my opponent was on the back foot, he got a good charge at the unit of swordsmen with the axer, but was unlucky with the rolls, and the fell callers failed to make any impact on the scythean.
The next turn finished things off, with Madrak and a fell caller drummer left.

In this game I didn't get the chance to use Bethyne's offensive spells, but I did get a much better experiance of using her upkeep spells to boost the units and get the hits in (a MAT 8 scythean is wonderful).

I am very happy with how both these games went and both I and my opponent learnt a lot about our forces.

I now have a much better idea about how to use the upkeep buffing spells, and how effective they are.
I need more usage on the offensive spells, I didn't get the chance to use them in the 2nd game, but that is something I am going to work on in the next game, but I do now have a win with her, but most importantly for me, I feel I have learnt a lot from both of these games.  It's almost ready for Martok

Let me know what you guys think of the list build, and any tips you have for me in getting the best out of it.

Until next time, have fun guys, and dont forget, PLAY LIKE YOU'VE GOT A PAIR!!!


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