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Hobby - Painting Minotaurs Sternguard

I have made some good progress with the first five Sternguard. All colours have been painted now but more processes to come. First some decals then onto oil washes and finally weathering.

The red has been quite the struggle and I am still to add a final highlight. The oil wash should do a lot to improve the contrast on the reds.

I am chuffed with the bronze and I am looking forward to painting the highlights. When they are done the model should "pop" as they say.

I have just remembers I need to do the script on all the purity seals. Shall be easier to do when a varnish has been applied.

I will most likely start the other half of the squad and then do the next processes all together. More pics of these guys soon.

- Martok


  1. These are looking fantastic. Is the deadline April for this army?

  2. Thanks mate. Yeah if these are not done by the end of March I will be billy no mates before the Vanquish tournament painting 24/7 haha. Still have the drop pods and Fire Raptor to assemble 0_0


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