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WIP - Minotaurs Sergeant 25/10/12

So we still do not have any pictures of the promised Word Bearers paint in progress as they are having some delicate work done. When they are ready for decent pictures we will be putting them up. For now the last Tactical Squad Sergeant of Martoks Minotaurs.

In line with the previous Sergeant this guy will be holding the back line and shall be providing tactical support to the vanguard units so I modeled him with Auspex out.

Now my Green Stuff has arrived I have managed to finish the modelling work on the first combat squad and they are ready for paint. Although the 20 Word Bearers and 40 odd Necron Warriors/Immortals on my Paint table may have to come first!

So still we are waiting for those Word Bearers! BUT! We are seeing some strong progress with these Minotaurs now. Look out for a new contributor to the blog being introduced over the next few days!

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