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WIP - Minotaurs Sergeant 3 15/10/12

Hi guys! Well we promised Word Bearers with paint but Martok has instead given us a look at his third Minotaur Sergeant.

So with this army I am trying to theme each unit.. so the first Sergeant with Combi Melta leads the vanguard unit while the second squad are putting down support fire. This squad and the final squad are supposed to be at ease as it were. So here is the first "at ease" Sergeant:

So only one Tactical Sergeant left to build and then 30 odd Tactical Marines. Progress is slowing as I have to wait on my Green Stuff order to really get these guys ready for paint which is quite annoying but as stated before I have some Word Bearers on my desk to keep me busy.

So Martok has again promised some paint in progress Word Bearers so lets hope to see them sooner rather than later!


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