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WIP - Necron Royal Court

More Necrons from Martok as he expands upon his last post going from a Cryptek to other members of his Royal Court.
I wanted to make this Royal Court look like they could all be Necron Lords or Crypteks; this allows for list flexibility and more importantly shows the strong martial attitude of an army led by Zahndrek.

First off is another guy created from the Command Barge kits Necron Lord:

The last guy for now is the old metal Necron Lord. I still love this guy and I think it's a great sculpt:

By next week these guys will have seen some paint and I shall be showing off more of the army most likely including my Doom Scythe.

This Necrontyr force is growing fast. Keep your eyes out for a paint tutorial from Martok showing how he paints his Necrons.

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